fredag 28 oktober 2011

Everybody has something

I'm not sure for whom I am writing this blog. Probably for me. I watched this interview with a guy, a journalist who had one year to learn all kinds of memory stuff so that he could participate in a competiton. The one most important thing he said was "Everybody has something they're extremely good at remembering" - and they should use it to remember other things.
I am awful at remembering. Names, faces, places... Marika once closed her eyes and asked me what eye colour she had. And I couldn't answer! (Now this wasn't just after we met either, it was sometime during the last year in school). On the other hand we read Kallocain (spelling probably messed up) in class one year. I hated the book and read it only once and very poorly. And then when another teacher (in another class) used that book and a special scene from it as an example I could remember it almost as clear as glass! I doubted myself (adding: I think, it was probably, wasn't there etc before my point), but I remembered it. He fumbled a bit along the details and I was like well this happened then this then this and then finally this.
I had my Harry Potter-freak-peak perhaps 7-9 years ago, but still when a friend talks about random small Harry Potter plot points I still remember them. They're not awfully clear and in context, but when she talks about them I recall. And that still from reading the books such a long time ago!
Back to the point. What if I could use that recollection of stories and somehow apply it to also remember names and faces? Wouldn't that be a grand thing?
I'm going too think a little about that. 

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Marika sa...

Good idea! We read about this in psychology, memory i.e. There was this case with children from underdeveloped countries. They hadn't learned techniques such as chunking when remembering (which was a common technique for children of a western culture), so when some researchers did a (western) culturally biased psychology test on them, the children seemed very unable to remember things well. However, when other researchers weaved the things they wanted the kids to remember into a story, the kids remembered just as well as children raised in a western society.

So, I think remembering by hearing stories is an awesome way to learn. It's kind of basic, you know. And come to think of it, that's probably the reason as to why it's so much easier to remember psychological theories - there are always case studies related to them.

Marika sa...

Det var verkligen en bra video!

Det som förvånade mig mest med kommentarerna jag bloggade om var att de hade fått så många likes. Jag vet att det finns knäppisar som skriver sådana kommentarer, men att så många höll med dem!