torsdag 29 januari 2009

Huh? goes Aha!

This guy surprised me a bit (a lot), but after I've been thinking awhile and reading some of his articles (and listening to an interview on youtube) I've got to say that guy's a genius.
Especially his article of Twilight (wait a minute, why does it seem as Twilight shows up precisely everywhere once you've started noticing it) as anti modern feminism made me think. Or well, first it made me go all "huh, wft?". But then it got me thinking.
And, boy, did i think! Feels like I've been burning brain cells faster than you gain calories by eating B&Js.

I'm not working on a long explanation of why I think so, because I'm not really sure of my opinion yet since he's thrown a lot of what was truths for me upside down, but I'm going to put this post in the debate category anyway. Feel free to mention anything about what you think of his works (if you've bothered to read them) as I'm curious on what someone else might think.

Darn, now I've written the whole thing in English! Stupid psychology essay.

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