fredag 27 januari 2012

Mindmap/Rambling/Useful solution-mapping

I really ought to stop. You can't change people so it's only folly to try. People are who people are and the only one you can change is yourself.
Just imagine how wonderful it will be when you move away from home again. Your place. Your things. No more arguing over which cover goes where, over who put the what where and why somebody else's this is lying around on top of that.
Einstein said the definition of idiocy is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So I'm trying to stop doing that.
Fact 1: Clutter makes me crazy.
Fact 2: It doesn't matter who put it there, it still makes me crazy.
Fact 3: I live at my parents house. Not my. Theirs.
Fact 4: One wants to throw away, the other wants to buy.
Fact 5: That will never stop creating conflicts.
Fact 6: It feels good to try and do something about an issue.
Fact 7: You can't change people.
Fact 8: Those last two facts don't mix.
Fact 9: Compromising makes everyone feel good.
Fact 10: Executing the compromises don't.
Fact 11: Fact 8 is guilty as charged.
Fact 12: This is still not your house.
Conclusion: Live with it.

But how? Try and keep your own areas clean? Does not really make a difference. What 20% of the effort will bring 80% of the resistance. What is the path of least resistance? Why am I blubbering about more or less psychological terms when I need to figure out a way to deal with the issue at hand. But the thing is, I know how to deal with it. Stop killing yourself over it. Big deal. Take care of your own messes, hopefully right away as to not make it worse for yourself. Do some of the things you don't have to do. Don't mention that you'd like it cleaner. Stop thinking that you'd like it cleaner. Or use that to motivate you. No, wait, don't. You're not going to be able to find anywhere to live even if you can afford it. The goal is getting somewhere to live while studying, and that you are not doing yet. Back to point. Stop getting annoyed by it. How? Stop acknowledging it. It's not your mess. You are not seeing it. It is not there. Be zen. Bullshit. Better solution wanted. Make an honest commitment to yourself. You are not going to try to affect it. There is no use in getting annooyed by things you cannot change. This, too, shall pass.
Yeah right.
Blue hawk out.

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