söndag 9 maj 2010

Random Rambling

Hello there everyone! I know it's been a while, (as always) and I'm noting it know just 'cause I want to say that I won't be mentioning it again. I almost promise.
I've been thinking about starting a new blog. Just a random blog to post random youtube videos since that is the only thing I seem to post nowadays, and I think it would be fun to share all kind of random stuff I find on youtube, and those videos would probably say a lot more about what I'm doing/thinking about right now than a blog I'm ***** never writing in (Go figure!). I've been thinking about posting my random youtube videos on this blog but for some reason I'm hesitating. Just doesn't seem right. As if this is a blog for rambling when I want to avoid doing something (which I am, by the way, history investigation [hi IA] and english esssay [eng EE]) or super long monologues when I need to put my thought in words in order to figure something out or not get mad.
I'm feeling better now. Have started to cough up really nasty things (which you really wanted to know) which hurts like a b.. oops, sorry, I almost forgot that my aunt (and occationally my parents) are reading my blog. Anyway, what I ment is that my throat is clearing up and I'll probably be able to go to school without dying by monday. Actually it is a likely possibility since my trip to konsum went a lot better than the one I had to do Wednesday.
I still haven't done the dishes, which I should and I AM going to do them. Today. Promise.
Actually let's to it now just to see if I can.
Used some time at home to read, downloaded a whole vampire series, 20 or so books, read the first book (Dark Prince by Christine Feehan) which freeked me out more than a little (people who think Edward in Twilight is obsessive really should read this book) and made me really happy that I had desided against buying the whole series. I read the whole book because I just loved the first few pages (until the "hero" wakes our poor heroine up by mentally groping her and not stopping when she says no) and I was waiting for something great. I was even speed reading through a big part of it, which just don't for fiction books (what would be the point?). The "hero" called her "little one" for christ sake! And not in a good well-she-is-petite-and-makes-me-feel-protective-way but as if he was looking down at the poor, helpless woman with a 3 year old's intelligence and psyche.

By the way, I ment no offence against Christine Feehan, I've read another series by her which is truly amazing.**Drumroll**
Ladies and gentlemen! Today is Sunday ca. 24 hours after I began this post. I have watched a movie, read a little (of a good book), cooked food, slept, woken up, helped a friend on IBS (took forever), eaten (a couple times) and cleaned a little among other things.
But I have not done the dishes or worked on my History IA.
This is my in a nutshell, organized and disciplined.

***** Right about there I noticed that I wrote in english, hate that! That's like when I was ill during the US-trip and spoke swedish to Hyun-Soo several times and wondered why she didn't get what I said. And now since I've started in english I might as well go on just for the sake of consistency.