söndag 29 maj 2011

Att bo hemma

Jag tar tillbaka det där om att pappa kommer att bli galen och slänga ut mig.
Mamma kommer att döda mig långt dessförinnan.

fredag 27 maj 2011

Je suis fini!

An allegory is a figurative of representation of something abstract. <---- But, you-know-what?? I DON*T NEED TO CARE NO MORE!!!!
Exams are over, since about a week.. or well, actually only three days, four. But it feels like forever, or not at all? (I'll give you a gold star if you can figure that one out).
So far I've been driving myself crazy, sitting all alone in my apartment wondering why time flows so slowly and I have nothing to do (that's what happens when you've been spending waaay too much time with schoolwork, and I really mean the waaay too much, for the last weeks I've been doing school work approx. 5 to 7.30-50ish, exams 8.20 until lunch or school work that time also, continue with s.wrk. after getting home approx. 34-15 and then again 16.30 or 18ish until circa 21 or not later than 22, because I'm by then sick silly by the work and to guilty [by knowing I'll not work anymore that day] to do anything but go to bed).
To top it of my computer shut down (I later discovered that it was the charger [saved me some bucks, dinnit?] but anyways, computer kapputt) so I had no books to read, or internet to check up on silly things.
It does sound silly to say that mon ordinateur n'a fait pas à utiliser (si vous comprenez?) and due to that I had no books to read, but well, that's life.
Peut-être more silly might be that on the day of my final finals (in French) I went home and basked in the feeling of "I really don't have anything I have to do, I can just sit around all day and stare into the wall if I so pleases" for about an hour maximum, then I decided that (of all things in the whole world!) what I felt I wanted to do the most was to continue reading Les Âmes Vagabondes in French when I actually had the English version too (this probably due to the fact that I was all over-frenchitized at that point, I kept thinking in French even though my skills and my vocabulary in that language is hardly that to rival that of the Neanderthal) and after reading that for a while, staring into the wall for a while and visiting facebook to inform my surroundings of my now finished exams, I was ridiculously happy to find my little sister was in eager need of help with a history assignment and I, now almost shivering of excitement, picked up my stack of history paper (and I truly mean stack, like in mega-large-o-IB-history-stack-of-mostly-notes) which I hadn't touched since the week dernier when I had the history exams.
Disappointing too was the fact that I dutifully awakened, pigg as a lärka [because happy as a lark is hardly the same idiom] at 5 a.m. as if to begin another day of exam preparation.
Now, apparently, since everyone (even the dentist!) keeps asking me about it, I need to figure out what to do with my life.
Oh boy, won't that give me something to do?