fredag 4 juni 2010

"But give me Jesus..."

Min nya random video blogg: My Life by YT

I've seen this guy in a couple other videos, but not when he's been to nicely "groomed" and I got a strange feeling. A déjà vu kinda thing. I looked at the comments and it hit me. He totally is Jesus! Look at him! Think about it! He is preaching forgiveness, mindfullness, "spreading love" (well and raw foods - therefore the bananas).
And (Here you go, Ola!) he is not declaring himself Jesus, he just says he does what works for him. AND wants to tell others about it because he wants them to feel better.

[[OMG!! Edit after I watched the whole video. Start watching at 8:25 and you'll see EXACTLY my point! Man shouldn't I have an extra point in heaven for finding Jesus and spreading his faith?]]

Mindset - check
Look - check
Being declared by someone else - check
Not calling himself Jesus, Messias, Saviour or other - check
Born from a virgin mother - Darn, I don't think I dare to ask such a personal question ^^

Darn #2: I just figured out that Jesus probably didn't recieve payment even for personal calls, but perhaps we can change that rule since Jesus got food and stuff from the people he preached to (which he then multiplied on several occations, but he did need something to start with) and getting money is recieving food in a roundabout way (since it is very obvious he is gravely under charging anyway).

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