onsdag 10 september 2008

My life at Diploma Programme so far...

I'm getting pretty used to the english on diploma programme. Not to say I wasn't before, but it's getting easier to find the right words, easier to discuss and explain things. The english become everyday as much as the swedish is even if you don't use it as much. It is, as Carro said it, you don't realise that you're speaking english, it just comes. Sure it comes pretty fast then. It's a shame you don't get the spelling as easy, which I don't. Words like weather/wether, witch/which and my personal itch to vs. t00. No matter how many times I hear it being explained, I just don't get it! Either it's not enough o's or to many of them. Gosh!
But I don't really get stuck on that, I have so much more fun things to do. Don't think I've mentioned our history teacher Ola? He's crazy, in a cool way. He speaks so loud you think one day he'll get you deaf (good lungs, and he's probably used to larger classes) but you don't really mind 'cause he's one of them who never stumbles on words and, after all, you do understand him when he speaks that clearly.
Another thing about his lessons is that they are like no history lesson I've ever been to (or any of the others in my class, mind you). Instead of teaching of who did what in which time he tells us how to find that out for ourselves, which in my way of thinking seems like a better idea. And as an extra plus, we do learn who did what when he gives examples, and it's not that much infodump that you forget about half.
Well, that's enough writing about my favourite class even before Diploma Programme (IB school). Next out is english with our substitute Marie. I don't think I'll ever forget about her "Oh, dear". She sounds just the way you would think of british teacher. BTW She also said in our first class that all of us are going to get pass with special distinction (MVG) on our english A class. And, no, she's not giving free A's, she's just giving us a fact. Speaking english a couple of hours a day you'll need to be very ungifted (or gifted, however you want to put it) to learn nothing.
Nothing made me happier than when our physical education teacher (who's called something that begins with K) told us that we DP students are not getting grades on PE. Why? I have no idea but it sounded good to me as my experience of fair grades on that subject is non-existing. Except that, he did seem way much nicer than my last PE teacher (anyone heard of Kajsa? No? Wish you never will).
Our science teachers (we have different teachers for biology, physics and chemistry as that's the way IB school works) seem all right to.
The subject I'm most worried about is maths, not that I'm worse than anyone else, It's just harder in english. Look, if I ask you what two to the third power was, would you know? (It's as simply as 2x2x2 or 2 upphöjt till 3). What about the circumference of a circle? Circumference means "omkrets", you didn't guess that, did you?
Shortly said, it is pretty hard to learn new mathwords.
And BTW, did I mention we have to buy a graph display calculater (not that we're the only ones, mind)? A GDC costs around 1'000 kr. Gladly for me my mum had one to lend me.

Now as I've written most of what's on my mind I realise that maybe it should have been written on swedish as my blog is a swedish one. However, I'm not rewriting the whole thing. I'm going to websurf for recepies now. Aint, oh all right, Isn't it strange how fast I've already made my old ones at least one time?

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