torsdag 12 februari 2009

The sky is the limit

Hmm.. glömde visst att berätta det inte är så att han hittar på eller något. Det här är en kommentar från hans blogg och svaret han skrev:

I give you A mattress business that partners with Colleges and Universities to sell bedding products to students. The business is already established with suppliers and product in place, and is cash flow positive. The beds are marked up 30%-40% over cost, including shipping. In addition this business could partner with college town real estate agencies to promote sales. For example: rent an apartment, and get a bed with it. The addition of a free bed would be incentive for people to sign a lease, and the cost of the bed would be paid out of the finder’s fee generated from the lease. Both real estate agent and Dorm Beds win with increased sales. There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the US, and housing turns over every year, so there is a substantial target market. Why different then Target or Bed Bath and Beyond where students shop? 1. Add value by delivering the bed to the student’s dorm or apartment before they arrive at school, saves them time and hassle especially for students without a car at school. 2. Products are drop shipped so there is no risk in holding inventory. The main expenses would be getting product delivered and into the dorms, which would require hiring a team (think students) for hourly work, and improving the website. When I set this up I hired someone off of Elance to build a quick website, the site simply needs to be updated, with some order processing, and functionality features added. I am willing to give up 10-20% equity. Let me know what you think. Thanks for the opportunity.
From MC [Mark Cuban]> Email on its way. Good luck !
Titta, titta, titta! Jag blev så glad när jag fick syn på det där (är det fortfarande). En möjlighet, killen tog den, killen får kapital, killen kan utveckla sitt företag. Grrrreat!
I'm just saying POSSIBILITIES! The sky is the limit...

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