tisdag 18 augusti 2009

The World do know, just not the same as you think

Quote from an American: "We have better everything here. Don't argue with me, the world knows this."
I have nothing against Americans. In fact, I loved all the nice Americans I met on my trip. But I do strongly resent this American attitude which I seem to stumble upon very often and which, to me, is a very narrow-minded, conceited and depreciatory attitude towards other countries. I cannot understand how people originally from all over the world came to be so disrespectful against their different origins, so filled with their own "greatness" and supremacy that they refuse to acknowledge their own weaknesses, and accept and respect the opinions and differences of other countries. Truly, America, I am disappointed."

This was originally supposed to be an update for facebook, but I got so wound up writing about it that it became way to long to post there, so here it is. Actually it did end up on facebook anyways (in 2 different updates), but I feel strongly that this is a subject suited for my blog and be sure that I will further elaborate this subject with my own experiences in the US, and my opinions as an outsider watching US communications to the rest of the world (both from the state and civilians).

Och ja, jag kommer då att skriva på svenska. Jag ville bara avsluta det jag skrev på engelska för att det var så jag började, också för att mina internationella vänner skulle förstå det jag skrev. Jag får också med hatten i handen erkänna att jag, ett antal gånger, blev tvungen att slå upp i ordboken vad vissa ord var på engelska, alltså att jag med andra ord faktiskt inte hade någon aning om den engelska översättningen av nedsättande och inbilsk var för något.

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