måndag 20 oktober 2008

A Diary

I brist på inspiration att skriva något roligt kommer här en novell jag skrivit. Egentligen är det en skoluppgift, vi skulle skriva i dagboksform liknande Bridget Jones Dagbok och inkludera delen varje dag där hon räknar upp saker (hur mycket hon väger, vad hon ätit m.m). Det var ganska roligt att skriva så annorlunda mot vad jag annars brukar göra.

Tuesday 23rd of November
Relatives spoken to: 4. Disasters: 1. Number of curses screamed: 0 (Honestly). Number of curses said to poor pillow: 523 (at least). Number of times thinking about killing someone: 7 (hundred).

I am so pissed off I’m going to rip someone’s head off and stuff it in his or her ass. I can’t understand how those bloody annoying adult #¤-% Always manage to mess things up. This year we’re going to have the lousiest Christmas ever. Ever, ever, ever. I’m going to call my boyfriend. He always knows how to calm me down when I get like this. I just needed to curse a bit first, I don’t want him to misunderstand if I scream and shout nasty things.

3 minutes later

He doesn’t answer. Grr.. I guess I have to write instead to get it all out of my head. Here it is, from the beginning…

Everyone says their family is the oddest ever but when they do that I just laugh at them. They haven’t met my family.
I have, at the moment, two dads, three mums, three brothers and four sisters. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? I also happen to have six uncles, two aunts and I don’t feel like counting my cousins.
It’s actually pretty fun having such a big family. There’s always someone on your side no matter what and our Christmases.. Our Christmases are almost like Disneyland. We rent a big cottage for all of us to stay in (No one wants to release the whole gang in their house!) and the chores are shared, which means fewer chores even if we are many.
Anyway, I don’t feel like writing of all the fun now, since it seems we won’t be celebrating Christmas together. My bio-mum Selina called and said that she and my bio-dads new girlfriend Dannie had a fight so she and Daddy-David aren’t coming for Christmas. They’re taking Savannah and Reece to Alaska (who wants to go there anyway?) and she asked if I wanted to come. I couldn’t answer, of course. I’d need to speak to bio-dad and Dannie, and probably to mum-who-raised me Sapphire and her Joe too. Gosh.
And I couldn’t say as much to her either, she sounded very annoyed with Dannie so telling her I needed to talk to Dannie first would be a bad idea.
So I went to talk with bio-dad, but unfortunately for me Dannie was there to. I had to tell her too.
Then she did something I would have believed of bio-mum Selina, or ever from mum-who-raised-me, but never of her. She started crying.
I didn’t know what to do, so I left to dad to try and sheer her up.
I was on my way to my room to curse alone when the phone rang. It was daddy-Joe (mum-who-raised-me’s-other-half). They’d heard that bio-mum wouldn’t come so he wondered if I would come to their place for Christmas. When I said that I couldn’t decide anything yet he became very hurt. I heard it even though he tried to hide it behind a cheery voice. He’s just no good at theatre, my Joe.
His disappointment made me feel really bad. I love all my dads but Joe’s a special place in my heart. He understands me in a way bio-dad can’t and daddy-David won’t even try.
I really hope Noel (boyfriend) is gonna call soon. I really need him right now.

Friday 24th of November
Number of times thinking about killing someone: A couple. Ice-creams eaten: ½. Number of great boyfriends: 1. Curses: None (I am great!). Number of relatives spoken to: None (saying good morning doesn’t count).

He didn’t call me last night. I was a bit disappointed but Luck talked to me in school and I found out that Reece (friend Reece, not half sister Reece) had pushed him so he fell in the fountain at the mall so his phone broke. Not so strange that he didn’t call me back, he didn’t even know I’d called.
Anyway, I didn’t tell him. It felt kinda wrong to heave the whole story over to him, now that I wasn’t exploding by it anymore. I didn’t realize how wonderful and fabulous he is.
As soon as school stopped he dragged me over to the supermarket and bought a packet Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough (My favorite!). Then he dragged me over to his place, pushed me down on his sofa, gave me a spoon and said, “What?”
“Uh?” was my confused answer.
Then he gave me a come-on-I’m-not-stupid-gaze and I started my story. While I did, he took a spoon for himself and shared the ice-cream with me (Isn’t it nice with a guy who doesn’t think it’s too feminine to eat ice-cream out of the box?). He nodded and sighed on all the right places and when I was done he hugged me and said, “Quite a soup you’ve got, isn’t it?” Oh boy, can he make me laugh at all times!
He says he’s going to help me too. We’re going to talk to all of my parents and straighten it out. How could I choose between them? Joe’s disappointed tone still makes me feel bad.
I wonder if I’ll end up with Noel and his parents on Christmas Eve instead. At least I don’t have to choose that way.
Back to what happened. I sneaked my way through my house to get some stuff and put a note on the kitchen door that said I was going to sleep over at Noels place. Noel had said that I probably needed some time to calm down before I met any of my parents. That worked out to a very good idea ‘cause I fired up again the second I went into the house and saw the phone. Not like I wanted to stuff somebody’s ass again, but curse them with voodoo dolls would’ve worked fine.
But instead of cursing dolls I’m lying on Noels bed and writing my diary while he’s chatting over the computer. As soon as I’m finished (which means now), we’re going to curl down on his bed and watch a movie. Noel’s so nice to me and it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a telly on his room either.
That sounded a bit materialistic. I didn’t mean it that way. I love him because of his everything, especially his shoulders and his abs.
That didn’t sound too good either? But it’ll make do. I don’t have time to count up everything I love about him. I just love him.

Saturday 25th of November
Number of times thinking about killing someone: None (god, Aint I great??) Kisses given: 2. Happy screams: 3. Happy screaming in poor pillow: 264.

Problem is solved! I have the most wonderful boyfriend ever ever ever. Ever! He walked with me home and then he talked to bio-dad when I was in another room (did I know he and bio-dad got along pretty nice?). Anyway, they were talking pretty excitedly when I came into the room and when I found out what Noel did I didn’t even think. I just kissed him.
In front of bio-dad.
I don’t think I’m going to do that again. Not that Noel minded, but poor dad got all tomato red and embarrassed. He tried to pretend as if nothing happened and looked out the window. So I gave him a kiss on the cheek just because he’s so cute sometimes.
Dad told us not to worry, that he would speak to everyone and look if they could straighten things up. I went to the mall with Noel to meet some friends and when I came back he had made it! We are going spend our Christmas same as before. I’m so happy. Life is wonderful.

Ps) I’m gonna get something really good to give Noel for Christmas.

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Du skriver så grymt bra. Blir glad av att bara läsa det!

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Tack! :D