onsdag 28 januari 2009

Detective work and Annoyance

Does it not bugger me to no freaking end that I finally figured out why my Breaking Dawn is so much bigger than Twilight and New Moon? When I first put them next to each other and noticed the difference I was like, huh? WTF? Then I discovered that they were by two different publishers, Little brown and Atom. So I thought maybe Stephenie Meyer got a better deal for Breaking Dawn by Atom, thought it didn't seem right. Unmorally, like. Changing publisher in the middle of a series?
Anyway, I checked the internet for answers, but none came. All I could find out was that ALL the books were to be found for sale with both Atom and Little Brown as publisher. So I became even more confused, if that's even possible.
It wasn't until I tried to check for answers in the flyleaves that I found out that Little Brown was original US publisher and Atom was responsible for the UK market. Duh. Why didn't I even guess that in the first place?
Probably because it doesn't sound verry clever for a foreign market (foreign market being adlibris.se this time) to buy half of the series from US and half of the series from UK (all of them being hardcover).
As I like to collect books I like not only for content but also for the simple pleasure of "having them" it buggers me to no end that I haven't the complete series by one publisher.

But as things are, I'll have to get used to it. And as I am now writing about them I might as well mention that I like the UK cover better since that one's matte except for the motif, and that looks a lot cooler than the US version with all the way blank.

And damn, why did this post become english? Since I started school that language seems to seep in everywere. Like when you go from a class and continue to speak english with your friends without noticing it, or when you're working at something with same friends while a guy comes into the room, says "hej", you answer him "hej" then return to speak with your friends (once again in english since it's schoolwork) and the guy looks at you, puzzled as if you were born in the 90ies or something.
Oh, sorry, I forgot that I was.

Gosh, I'm out of my mind. Can't seem to keep my thoughts on one subject at a time today.

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Elena sa...

Jag stör mig också på storleksskillnaderna. Bokhyllan ska se vacker och organiserad ut ffs.

Angelica sa...